OCTOBER 30th 2021



Finally we have a clear go from the Dutch government! On the 30th of October the worlds biggest indoor hardcore punkfest is back! No restrictions, just destruction! Stagediving, moshing and singing along will be allowed.

The almighty Integrity, together with the legendary The Skinflicks and Hawser are completing our line-up.

Be sure to buy your tickets in advance, we can only use 75% of the capacity, and since we are using only half of Klokgebouw there are not many tickets left!


– Martijn NTB – 


Thank you so much for keeping your ticket, your support means the world to us! We know that you paid more than €29,50. That’s why we are going to give you tokens, as a compensation and as a sign of appreciation! You’ve received an e-mail about this matter.

On October 26 you have received an e-mail about these tokens. You have not received an e-mail? Please contact us: info@revolutioncallingfest.com.

Entrance ticket: for some people it has been a while since they bought their entrance ticket. That’s why we have re-send every e-ticket on October 26. That means that everybody has received their entrance ticket in their e-mailbox again. Please check your spam as well.

Tokens: you can buy tokens by paying with cash or card on the festival site. Buy your tokens at the token counters or token machines. If your bought tokens in advance; these tokens are linked to your festival ticket. Please show your festival ticket at the correct token counter and receive your tokens. You can recognize this token counter by the sign ‘Pick-up point tokens’.

Doors open: 11 AM
Doors closed: 11:59 PM

  • Adress: Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven
  • Parking car: you can buy a parking ticket in the Klokgebouw at one of our locker counters.
  • Parking bicycle: you can park your bike nearby the Klokgebouw
  • Traveling by train or bus? Please check www.9292ov.nl for your fastest route.

Please note that some actions are required regarding the COVID-19 regulations before entering our festival. CLICK HERE to read about the policy that applies to your country.

You cannot find the rules that apply to your country in the document? Please send us an email (info@revolutioncallingfest.com) so that we can help you.

Eventix is our ticketing partner, please contact them by surfing to this page

Revolution Calling is organized by Stronger Bookings and the Event Warehouse.

You have not found the answer on your question? Please send us an e-mail: info@revolutioncallingfest.com